Q: What is the Five Es?

the Five Everydayisms is a wellbeing initiative challenging busy, modern people to live well and be well; everyday. Our philosophy is that life is a game of small moments and our mission is to help you play like you mean it. Join us for access to our Monthly Playbook, offline events, and our digital members club launching in 2019.

Q: How do I join?

To join us, visit www.theFive.Es to let us know your name and email. That’s it! A welcome email will be on its way so we can get to know each other better.  

Q: I’ve joined, why can’t I see any emails?

When you join, you should receive a welcome email straightaway. If you can’t find our emails, check your Spam or Promotions folders and make sure you add us to your contact list. 

We’re always a message away if you need further help! Send us a DM on Instagram.

Q: Hashtag?!

Our only content hashtag is #livingtheFiveEs. This is where you can find content from fellow members of the community and anything related to the playbook.

We randomly pick our favourite images each month and send our members a little something in the post - so get sharing. Eating good? Slaying today’s ensemble? Exploring somewhere new? Enjoying a workout or a good book? Share your small moments using #livingtheFiveEs. 

For events, check out #theFiveEsOFFLINE.

Q: Can I write in the Monthly Playbook?

Yes! We collaborate with contributors in the form of written content, photography, and illustrations. You can contribute regularly or just once!

Q: Do you do networking events?

No! Our offline events are members-only experiences designed for personal enjoyment. 

We naturally attract interesting people doing cool things - for any professional connections made at our events we accept a humble finder’s fee of five thousand litres of champagne. Just kidding. A bottle will do. 

Q: When is the next event?

The quickest way to find out is to visit www.theFive.Es. Tap menu and click Offline Events. 

Alternately you can contact our Events Manager via email. 

Q: Can the Five Es host a ______ event?

Maybe. We are always happy to receive your suggestions for events. So far we have had interest in brunch, wine tasting, movie nights, country escapes, and guided shopping. We are also preparing to take our offline events global!

Whatever you are interested in, let us know via social media or email our Events Manager.

Got a question that we haven’t answered yet? Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.