Rules...and other legal stuff

Every game worth playing has rules! We put a lot of thought into making the Five Es enjoyable and fair for all. So make sure you read up on our Community Rules! You can also find other legal stuff here including our RSVP and Privacy policy.

Community Rules
The Community Rules set out the broad principles for membership of the Five Es and attendance to our offline events. It is of relevance to all within our community, including members, staff, partners, and sponsors, and is binding in honour only. The terms "the Five Es" or "we" or "us" or "our" refer the owners of the private limited company, the Five Everydayisms Ltd. The term "you" or "entity" refers to visitors and users of this website, members, staff, partners, and sponsors. Please see below.

the Five Es is inspired by Christian scripture. We are committed to maintaining a community which aligns with the values of physical and internal wellbeing, empathy, and community as specifically conveyed in 3 John 1:2, Hebrews 10:25, Ecclesiastes 3:12-13.

We are committed to maintaining a community which recognises and values the inherent worth and dignity, of every person, irrespective of their difference. 

We are committed to maintaining a community which fosters consideration, sensitivity, understanding, and mutual respect among its members; and empowers every person to be well.

In pursuit of its vision to see wellbeing embedded into everyday agenda of modern life, the Five Es takes a holistic approach through community. the Five Es views each person or entity as having a contributing force to the wellbeing of the other, through speech and behaviour.

We therefore do not tolerate discrimination against any member or any staff of the Five Es on the basis of race, gender, religion, class, colour, age, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, or disability. 

We are proud to be a global and diverse community, living and being well together. We will continue, in good faith, to cultivate an environment that preserves this.

By using our website, joining our private mailing list, attending our offline events, and or applying to join our private members' club you agree to observe, honour, and respect the Community Rules.

the Five Es reserves the right to, without warning, cancel subscription, uninvite, refuse entry, and or terminate membership of any person we find to be breaching the Community Rules.

The Community Rules will be reviewed every year to ensure it remains appropriate to the needs of the Five Es and our community.

RSVP Policy
We apply the following RSVP Policy to offline events hosted and or organised by the Five Es. The terms "the Five Es" or "we" or "us" or "our" refer the owners of the private limited company, the Five Everydayisms Ltd. The term "you" refers to visitors and users of this website, members, and guests. Please see below.

Substitution - in the event you are no longer able to attend an offline event and wish to gift your place or ticket to another member, this must be arranged via email a minimum of 5 days before the event. Please email the Events Manager.

Postponement and cancellation - at the unlikely occasion that we postpone an offline event, the Five Es reserves the right to transfer tickets and bookings to a new event date. Members and ticket holders must communicate their inability to attend the new date within 5 business days of being notified, and in this circumstance only will you be entitled to receive a full refund. For any cancellations made by ticket holders for any other reason, and in the event of non-arrival or lateness, we operate a strict no-refund policy. 

Error - in the unlikely event that the Five Es is responsible for a clerical or technical error resulting in incorrect charges for your ticket(s), a refund of the excess amount will be issued within 5 business days. 

Force majeure - the Five Es is not liable to refund tickets or any other fee should an event be cancelled due to war, fire, industrial action, natural disaster, accident, civil disturbance or any other cause whatsoever beyond our control.

Privacy Policy
Please view our Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions
Please read this brief guide to the terms and conditions governing your relationship with the Five Es and the terms and conditions for the usage of this website. 

1.1 In these General Terms of Business, the following words shall mean:-
Community – the Five Es;
Member – the person, firm or company subscribed to the mailing list of and or booking or attending offline events by the Five Es. Or applying for membership of the Five Es.
Company – means the Five Everydayisms Ltd;

2.1 These terms apply to all subscriptions and all event reservations to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions except to the extent that specific terms apply for a particular booking and have been signed in writing by an Authorised Representative of the Company.

2.2 Subscription or reservation is deemed acceptance of these terms.

2.3 The term Member and Guest shall be used interchangeably in the Terms of Business and reference to any one of them shall be deemed to include reference to the other.

3.1 All published prices include VAT at the current rate.

3.2 The Company reserves the right to alter prices for any reason up to the date of subscription or reservation.

4.1 All event tickets and spaces offered by the Company are subject to availability and the discretion of the Events Manager.

5.1 Content created and published by the Five Es is not intended for the viewing of children aged 15 years and under. Offline events hosted or organised by the Five Es are not appropriate for those under 21 years of age. We require that our members are 21 years of age or above at the time of subscription or reservation. Exceptions may be made at the Company’s discretion.

6.1 The Company reserves the right to refuse a Member, Guest or representative entry and accommodation if, on arrival, management reasonably considers that the Member is under the influence of drink or drugs, is underage, is unsuitably dressed or is behaving in a threatening, abusive or otherwise unacceptable manner.

7.1 Any comments or complaint regarding an event should be made to the Events Manager at the time of attendance so that the matter can be resolved immediately. Alternatively, write within 5 days to the Company’s Events Manager.

8.1 The Company’s liability to the Member is limited to the price of the subscription or reservation.

8.2 Unless the Company is liable under the above condition 8.1, the Member indemnifies the Company from and against any and all liability and any claims, proceedings or damages resulting or arising from the subscription, reservation, event or function, the Member, guests or any outside stakeholders of the Member.

8.3 The Company will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond its reasonable control.

8.4 The Company does not accept any responsibility for the Member’s personal property nor those of its guests, employees, representatives, invitees or stakeholders including gifts, presents, seminar, conference, exhibition, or other corporate presentation material or such other items brought by the Member, its employees, Guests, representatives, invitees or contractors to the Company (cumulatively referred to as the “Member’s Property”). The Company will not assume custody or control of such articles, which remain on Company premises at the owners risk. In such an instance, the Member acknowledges and accepts that the Member shall remain responsible for the Member’s Property and shall not hold the Company liable in any manner whatsoever.

9.1 The Company does not accept any liability for services rendered by third parties to Members notwithstanding that such services may be arranged by the Company.

9.2 Any claim, demand, charge, suit or damages which may be incurred by the Member or their Guests (or any person claiming thereunder) shall be made directly with such third parties and the Company shall render all reasonable assistance in this regard.

10.1 The information provided by the Member may be processed by the Company for the purposes it has notified to the Data Protection Registrar. By making the subscription or reservation, the Member consents to this processing of the information.

10.2 Please see our Privacy Policy

11.1 These terms will be construed in accordance with English law and the Company and the Member submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.