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the Five Es (the Five Everydayisms) is a wellbeing initiative challenging busy, modern people to live well and be well, every day.


Our names are Esmé (Founder) and Michelle (Events Manager). We officially call ourselves 'The Champions' of wellbeing.

We're best friends, Londoners, and storytellers who spend a lot of time thinking about how to make modern life better for the everyday person. We enjoy connecting with other companies and storytellers who care too. Get in contact to join or collaborate with us. We read every email and are always happy to grab a bite or drink!

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At the Five Es, we have developed a holistic approach to physical and emotional health that is inspired by Christian scripture, informed by leading research, and optimised for people like you. 


Because most people go through life never quite thinking about wellbeing until the point of crisis. It's when you catch a cold that you think about vitamin levels. Or when you are injured that you think of ways to avoid and treat it. It's when burning out or breaking down that people tend to think meaningfully about mental health.

Managing wellbeing just isn't taught at school or in universities. It's only recently beginning to be discussed in the workplace and mostly as an afterthought. With the pace of the modern life that we all lead and how often it exposes us to crisis, the current state of things simply is not good enough.

At the Five Es, we believe "informal education" is the most effective way to get more people critically thinking about, learning, and proactively managing their wellbeing. 

We started sharing our approach in 2015 as a wordy blog enjoyed by a global readership. Today, storytelling remains at the core of our activities. We curate a Programme of experiential events and produce educational content in our Library. We aim for every story to inform, inspire, challenge, facilitate, and ensure that you enjoy thinking about wellbeing. 

We don't have all the answers. But we're committed to figuring them out and inviting you to become part of the journey. Join the community