the Five Everydayisms
(the Five Es) is a framework for living well and being well,
every day. 

This framework belongs to: a community of busy, modern people.

If found, please: join us. :)


Hi, my name is @EsméAraresa. 

It's hopefully clear enough what the Five Es is (a framework and a community) but maybe not clear exactly why it exists and what it does. I've scribbled these notes to help you get inside my head.

  • If you ask the average person what wellbeing means, they will likely describe it as a feeling. And yet it is not that. This lack of understanding is a problem.
  • Wellbeing is a skill. But it isn't taught at school or in universities and is only recently beginning to be discussed in the workplace. This lack of information is another problem.
  • We go through life not thinking meaningfully about our wellbeing and how to develop it until the threat or point of crisis, for example a diagnosis, an injury, or burning out. Yet with the pace of modern life and how often it exposes us to these crises, the current approach of curing, correcting, and intermittence isn't good enough. You guessed it, another problem.
  • I believe "informal education" is the most effective and organic way to get more people critically thinking about, learning, and proactively managing their wellbeing. Informal education being: Stories. Conversations. Experiences. 
  • I came to find this by happy accident. I started sharing stories on living and being well in 2015. www.theFive.Es was a blog enjoyed by a small but international readership. I realised there was something more here and now, in 2019, two things are happening:
1. the Five Es developed into a community that gathers offline to converse and share experiences.

2. I wrote an eBook to explain the framework clearly. It's called Everyday Wellbeing: A Cheatsheet for Busy, Modern People.

  • I'm committed to figuring out the problems mentioned earlier. Exactly how I do that is something I remain open minded about based on what I learn on wellbeing and about busy, modern people.
  • So whilst I hope you enjoy the projects at the Five Es like the content Library or the events Programme, these projects can and will change. The real invitation I make to you is to become part of the journey of figuring.
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