Meet the Winning TEAM

Esmé, Founder & Editor

Esmé is an entrepreneur at the intersection of lifestyle and fashion. A broadly travelled aesthete and UCL educated linguist, she gives vision and directs the storytelling which the Five Es is loved for. Having founded the Five Es in 2015 she has an intimate understanding of its community and therefore remains involved in serving members and her team across Creative and Events. 

Baba, Co-Founder

A busy corporate lawyer, with 35 countries under his belt and a watch collection to match; Baba is a master in the game of small moments. Joining the Five Es in 2018 as part of a strategic partnership with Baba's Flight Club, he brings verve to the production of our offline experiences.


Tiffany, Lead Contributor

If you need Tiffany she can be found in the gym, working off her day as an Msc student. Or she can be found in a face mask at her apartment...in Paris. Passionate about being and living well, she regularly shares her tips and tricks with our community members via the Monthly Playbook.


We are currently excited to be screening candidates who have expressed interest in joining our events team. Check back soon to see who is taking care of our intimate and tastefully curated offline events.


For all business enquiries or to join the team contact our Founder at Esme@theFive.Es.