Esmé, Founder & Creative Director

Esmé is an entrepreneur at the intersection of lifestyle and fashion. A broadly travelled aesthete and linguist by education, she founded the Five Es in 2015 out of her passion for storytelling. As the Five Es shifts offline in 2018, Esmé works closely with select brands and creators to curate the Monthly Playbook whilst providing the creative direction of our offline events.

Baba, Events Director

A busy corporate lawyer, with 35 countries under his belt and a watch collection to match; Baba is a master in the game of small moments. Joining the Five Es in 2018, he brings a wealth of experience to our offline events. Spot him offline sighing "Chaque detail" at his expertly curated cocktail menu.

Want to work with us?

We are currently seeking an Events Manager and a Community Manager, and welcoming contributors to the Monthly Playbook. For all business enquiries or to join the team, contact our Founder at Esme@theFive.Es.