Life is beautiful. Life is complex. There is no dichotomy in between. the Five Es is a tool created to manifest this idea in a world that increasingly insists we simplify and apologise for ourselves. Marrying five essential elements of the human experience the Five Es guides you as you create an interior life that is beautiful, complex, and ultimately worth living.


Create for yourself
an interior life
that is filled with 
enough small moments
and discover beauty in them: 
express yourself through fashion, 
take care of your body, 
read literature, write words,
enjoy and create, 
Pray, meditate, 
hug your friends, 
kiss your loved ones,
make love; or don't.

Take photographs;
document the sensitivity and
nuance of your existence.

Live beautifully, live complex.

THE TEAM behind the tool

Ciao belli, we are Esmé and Tiffany! We are best friends who met whilst studying at London universities and have a lot in common like being millennials of Colour and Christians, speaking 5+ languages each, standing over six feet tall, and caring about living beautifully. Inspired by the fecundity of this friendship Esmé founded the Five Es in August 2015 and a year later, Tiffany naturally came on board to help shape the tool. Together we look forward to welcoming content contributors, brand collaborators, events organisers and much more into the team. Watch this space.


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