We are born, we die, and in between we mark our existence through similarly spectacular events. Yet life is so much more. Here at the Five Es we go beyond the public highlight reel, fostering the private everydayisms that punctuate the spectacular and make up the bulk of our lives.  

We’re big on small moments. 

Our Founder created the Five Es - or the Five Everydayisms -  as a tool to help others identify and practice small moments. Since its founding in 2015 the tool has taken on a life of its own through a community of like minds spanning Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Central Americas. Read on to find out where we're going in 2018!


behind the tool

Esmé, Founder

Tiffany, Lead Contributor

You?, Contributor
If you have a story to share with your pen, behind the camera, or some other way, we want to hear from you!


For all business enquiries or to join us as a contributor contact our Founder on Esme@theFive.Es.