Le Flandrin Review: Dîner et Dirand

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dinner in Paris is by definition a stylish affair. We had the serendipity - as one always does in this city - of stumbling upon the ultimate style destination. Le Flandrin. Housed in a historic railway station and revamped by master of “clean but opulent” surrounds, Joseph Dirand, the restaurant breathes understated luxury.

Having consummated our love affair with the interior designer a few days earlier at Monsieur Bleu, the happy accident of strolling into Le Flandrin felt like fate was spoiling us. I noted the dark woods, calacatta marble, and bespoke brass trimmed tables. Seeing God in the details I marvelled aloud « est-ce un autre Dirand ? » A waiter answered in the affirmative, peeling off my coat and whisking my Tumi away in one seamless motion. Another waiter appeared on his heels, leading us through to the main dining room where the combination of geometric floors with beaux-arts structures makes for an arresting vision. We took our seats.Tiffany’s, a khaki velvet banquette and mine, a plush mustard chair, and registered the aesthetic experience; I breathed a sigh of deep content; Tiffany did a happy dance and exclaimed how she loves our “bouji dinners.”

To drink/ Boissons:
Kir Royal au vin blanc

To start / Entrées: 
Olives, nuts, assortment of breads and butter 
Rockfish soup with salat de la gruyere / soupe de poisson de Roche
Vietnamese spring rolls / petits nems vietnamiens

Mains / Plats:
Salmon tartare / Tartare au saumon
White cabbage in olive oil  
Filet au chateau bearnease

Desserts / Desserts:
Summer berry pavlova / Pavlova aux fruits rouges
Warm lava cake / Mi-cuit au chocolate


Our verdict: All style, an equal lot of substance. The food is rich in flavour, fresh, and pleasantly textured. Le Flandrin staff are warm, attentive, and timely. Posh French people are family-oriented so expect to be shown up by Continental children with finer wardrobes and better dining etiquette than you. Oh, and be able to read and speak French at this restaurant, or invite us to help. Enjoy!

 Need a post-meal plan? Paris is best seen on foot! Follow our City Guide here.

Esmé Xo

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