Saturday, December 31, 2016

Something about new beginnings gives way to aspiration and this New Year we won’t fight it. If you’ve made plans for 2017 you’re in a majority - congratulations! We’ve been reflecting on how to be part of the minority that remains committed to their plans beyond January...

So we give you Operation Get Your Shit Together: a series of actionable guides to take your plans for the year from idea to execution. From the second quarter of 2017, expect #operationGYST guides on productivity and organisation, health, wellbeing, beauty, style, professional and personal development. Live on www.theFive.Es.

Why not now? Why so far away? You may wonder. Because #operationGYST is tailored for you, our community of Beautiful Ones. This isn't a glib, generic round up of content copied and re-worded from best-selling self-help books. We are developing this series using our own relatable experiences and yours. In fact from January - March 2017 you as a subscriber to our private mailing list can get the live scoop on the winnings and learnings as we begin #operationGYST and weigh in with your own.

Check out our provisional guide titles below and if there’s something we’ve missed that you want help with leave it in the comments or drop us an email using the green envelope in the navigation bar!

Provisional Guide Titles

#operationGYST: How to be productive 

#operationGYST: Be well 

#operationGYST: Personal Development 

#operationGYST: Style File 

#operationGYST: The Beauty Edit 

#operationGYST: Money Matters 

A drink to a year of doing and being better, because we always can. - Esmé Xo

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