On New Beginnings and Friendship: welcoming Tiffany!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not possibly born until they arrive.

— Anaïs Nin

Beautiful Ones, it’s Esmé. Today, I want to talk to you about what friendship means to the Five Es. Some may know that it started out as a one-woman effort. I created this tool and exploring the vision of living a ‘beautifully complex life’ through it has been a deeply personal journey.

But I’ve always known this is something bigger than myself. I knew this because the Five Es is a fruit of friendship; that spiritual inspiration which occurs when two or more minds connect, believe in one another, and trust each other enough to share the fullness of themselves. In that respect, my best friend Tiffany, and I, are alike in many ways. We both stand above six feet and like to look good at it. We love to eat and care about being well. We value travel. We share an appreciation for language. We’re deep thinkers. We’re curious peoples. We enjoy the beauty in life and embrace complexity. 

What was different about us for some time was that I used to be secretive about these interests. I felt I had to live quietly in order to be understood and perhaps even successful in this world. But Tiffany arrived in my life with a nonchalant, celebratory energy. She’s that sort of person and it is infectious. Her friendship birthed a new world in me, one in which it is ok to share the small moments alongside the big questions. One in which it is an enjoyable thing to connect with other people over these things. A world in which the vision of the Five Es - to live beautifully, to live complex - is possible. 

So I’m happy Tiffany has joined the Five Es in October this year as she has always contributed to the vision. Plus, she’s better than me at a lot of things that you want to see! (Makeup lovers holler.) Let October 1st 2016 mark the day the Five Es comes into its own, our birthday. Enjoy Tiffany’s contributions! We look forward to our relationship developing with you not just as readers, but as friends with whom we too can birth new worlds.  

— Esmé Xo

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