Product Review: the game-changing ZOEVA Makeup Brush Set

Friday, September 09, 2016

Scenario: It’s 11:44pm and your pre-paid Makeup Artist who is scheduled for the bridal party at 6:30am tomorrow morning just cancelled. You have the makeup talent of a six year old playing at their mother’s vanity table.

Do you panic and freak out? Or do you beseech the ancestors for strength then get as much beauty sleep as you can to avoid eye bags? Wake up and put your game face on like the gracious, unbothered queen you are? And use the help of your amazing makeup brush set to make magic?
ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set
Damn straight you do all of the above. This is a true and emotionally exhausting story that happened just last weekend. As part of our practice of cultivating gratitude however, we try to find the good in situations wherever we can. So after an expletive-ridden distress call to the bestie and a flute or two of wedding wine, Esmé brings you a review of the makeup brush set that changed her makeup game and might change yours too.

ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set 
Available at: RRP: 130.00 EUR

The face brushes.
The eye brushes.


To start, the quality is matchless. The bristles are made of natural or synthetic, vegan hairs, depending on the brush. They are secured in firm, brass ferrules that really do not give way. After five months of usage and washing there has not been any shedding. (For daily cleaning: Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser. Weekly washes: any mild shampoo and a spot of conditioner to keep your bristles extra soft.)


Whether you’re intimidated by trickier aspects of makeup like eyeshadow and contour, or you just want tools to make your skills pop even more, the definition of these brushes will impress. Particularly standing out is the Luxe Face Paint (109) for contouring. Its flat shape is a great relief for those with strong cheekbones and jawlines (hello!) as it allows a more precise placement of product than the usual tapered shape. The scope of this set is worthy of mention too. When researching we found that brands either had complicated sets of over 30 brushes (no, thank you) or they whittled down to 7 or so items and scrimped, for example, on the range of eye brushes included. Or they cunningly omitted the staple brushes and sold them separately. ZOEVA offers a usable, happy medium in just 15 face and eye brushes. They know what we want: a) to glow brighter than the future and b) winged liner as sharp as our diamonds, and they give it to us. Enter the Luxe Fan (129) for highlighting and not just the standard Wing Liner (317) but also the dainty Spot Liner (310.) Let’s take a moment of silence to bless the gods for ZOEVA.

Foreground: Luxe Fan (129) brush and Powder (106) brush
The makeup look Esmé did that morning using her ZOEVA brush set…
…and hope.
Like, a whole lot of it!


The finish and materials of this brush set ooze luxury, the Rose Golden colourway especially makes a statement. They look exquisite on any dressing table. Functionally too, the matte black handles mean you don’t have to worry about makeup-soiled fingertips staining the brushes before you get a chance to wipe them.

Value & Customer Service

Shipping was delayed by a day but after just a tweet, the ZOEVA team were responsive and proactive in chasing the order up. When it would arrive, it came well protected in a cardboard boxed stuffed with black, branded tissue paper and bubble cushions. Each brush was individually covered with a plastic jacket (worth keeping for whenever you travel.) No costs were cut despite how affordably the set is priced, working out at approximately 9 EUR per brush.

The most compelling touch, though, was the booklet included in the package. The cover has a mirror effect in which you can see your reflection and reads “BE CONFIDENT AND BE BEAUTIFUL.” It made us swoon. We are here for the messaging that we can and should see confidence and beauty in our own selves and image. And in a self-fulfilling way, with this brush set, Esmé is finding both confidence and beauty in my her own ability. In fact, she thinks she beat her face better than your favourite MUA. So for bookings and enquiries...nah, we’re wilding!

Be confident and be beautiful.
What do you think of the Rose Golden Vol. 1 Complete Brush Set? Have you ever tried any ZOEVA brushes before? Comment below!

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