Skincare Series: Lips - Guide & Product Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Find out how I get my lips this soft, scroll on...
“Lips are always full of delicious secrets” says Jarod Kintz. Well fortunately for those wondering how to get soft lips, my (very soft) lips are not sealed! The first not so delicious but definitely wonderful secret I am inclined to share with you is a method I use to exfoliate my lips for a soft, smooth surface.


I call this the ‘warm washcloth method’ and it’s pretty simple to follow. First take a washcloth or flannel and run a small section of it under hot water. Squeeze excess water out of the cloth until just damp. In one hand, hold the damp section between your index finger and thumb, with the other hand hold the skin on your chin just below your lip and keep it there. Open your mouth to an exaggerated ‘e’ position, as you would during the a-e-i-o-u vocal exercise and also use your tongue to stretch your lip outwards so that the skin is taut. With the hot and damp washcloth, apply firm pressure to one end of your lip, rubbing back and forth over a small section (1cm or so.) Work along the length of your lip in this way and then exfoliate your second lip. 

What you’re trying to do is remove dead skin cells and slough away any rough skin so don’t be overly delicate. So long as the skin is stretched taut and held firm, it will be fine and there should be no tearing. 

I do this: daily, typically in the mornings.
I use: Dermaflannel®, £11.99, Bravura London. (pictured below)
Extra comments: Any good quality washcloth will work, I also use and recommend the ‘Egyptian Cotton Face Cloth’ for £4.00 from The White Company.


Much to my displeasure, The Body Shop has now discontinued my favourite lip care product for deep hydration. The aloe vera lip gel (pictured above) which I would apply at night, is tough for another product to match up to. However the Hemp Lip Conditioner (also pictured above) does a fair job. I keep it around as back up whenever I just need to grab something to nourish my lips. It works! | Shop it: here

Moisturising/ Priming 

My absolute favourite lip product is Baume De La Ferté by Guerlain (pictured above.) It is a foolproof way to get soft lips. I gush to anyone who will listen about how much I love the formula, it’s thick but silky and glides on effortlessly to hydrate and protect the lips. It has a subtle herbal scent, which I do not mind, and although pink in the tube appears natural on the lips. I use it as both a lip primer before applying lipstick and a moisturising balm whenever I am not wearing make up (nighttime included.) The price may seem somewhat steep at £19 for 15ml but it works so well that I’ve kept buying it for three years. The packaging is quite persuasive too. | Shop it: here

Et voilà - beautiful lips that will thank you for your tender, loving care. Want to know more about caring for you skin? Check out Skincare Series: Eyes now and look out for Face and Body posts! 

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  1. Did you find this post helpful? Let me know below and feel free to share your favourite lip products!

    Esmé Xo


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