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Monday, April 04, 2016

Recently, I received an e-mail from The Body Shop announcing that 40% was being taken off their prices IN ADDITION to the existing 50% off sale. Given how somebody in my household who shall remain nameless had squandered the bottle of a shower cream they pretended not to like, taking advantage of this sale was a no brainer. I was able to stock up on two months' worth of essential products that work brilliantly, all for under £30.00. Mama, look, I just ‘adulted’ successfully!

Some products from the haul.

If you’ve read my Skincare Series posts (here and here and more to come), you’ll know I have a dry and slightly sensitive skin type. The products I ordered offer maximum hydration and are gentle on the skin, if you have the same skin type do try them out. If not, The Body Shop offers a wide range of products catering to varying needs. You are still able to take advantage of the sale. Scroll on to see what I bought and to read my thoughts.

Hemp Lip Conditioner | shop it here

Much to my displeasure, The Body Shop has discontinued my favourite lip care product for deep conditioning. The aloe vera lip gel which I would apply at night, is so tough for another product to match up to. However the Hemp Lip Conditioner does a fair job. I keep it around as back up whenever I just need to grab something to nourish my lips. With regular daily use, I estimate that it would last a month. 

Some free samples that were included in my package. The ’Vitamin C Glow boosting moisturiser.’ Check Tip #5 in this post to read about the skincare benefits of Vitamin C.
Organic Cotton Rounds | shop them here
These come in a pack of 100 and each pad measures roughly 5cm in diameter. I find them quite small and thin because I am used to the larger, thicker cotton ovals from Boots. The Body Shop cotton rounds are by no means flimsy, I haven’t experienced any tearing so far. I have to use 3-5 pads in order to cleanse and tone to my satisfaction (as opposed to just 2 of the Boots cotton ovals.) On evenings when I arrive home late or am generally tired, having to use extra may be a small hassle simply because I know I could avoid it but they are a good quality product, nonetheless.

Shea Body Butter (200ml) | shop it here

I use the Shea Body Butter as a sole moisturiser after a bubble bath on my ‘self care Saturdays’ and at whim during the week. It has a thick, creamy consistency and a pleasant, nutty fragrance. It melts readily leaving my skin feeling ‘silky smooth’ and I do not have to reapply any product throughout the course of a day. 

Hemp Hand Protector | shop it here 

This product does not come under the sale but is worth every penny of the full RRP. The Hemp Hand Protector is a heavy duty moisturiser that works excellently to soothe and nourish tired hands. As a frequent rower I am in love with this product. Anyone who spends a lot of time with their hands exposed to the elements, submerged in water, or undergoing friction will appreciate this product. It works.

Ultra Fine Bath Lily in ‘Cream’ | shop it here

The fibres are soft to the touch and not too abrasive on the skin. It’s densely packed and well woven so it doesn’t come loose or lose its shape, at least not unless you scrub your body with fire-eyed fury. Easy there.

Shea Shower Cream | shop it here 

As you can see from the empty bottle, I (and another member of my household with whom I shall not be sharing these new bottles) absolutely love the Shea Shower Cream. It suds well. It doesn’t strip my skin of oil the way most shower gels and creams do and has a lovely, subtle scent. Dry-skinned people, get involved with this stuff.

Et voilà! Two months’ worth of skincare essentials for under £30. Use the code ‘19804’ at the check out or in-store to make full use of the discounts currently available. If you’re reading this post at a time after the offer has expired, still remain confident in the comments I’ve made as they stand regardless of the cost.

Ask any questions you may have or share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. Ask any questions you may have or share your thoughts in the comments section below!

    Esmé Xo


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