Where To Be Still In The City

Monday, April 25, 2016

Amid the mania of Mayfair lies a space where you can take a moment to be still. Brown Hart Gardens sits on top of the old substation, taking its place where a communal area always has been, historically. Today it’s a terrace garden, beautifully maintained by Grosvenor Estates. And, it’s open to all so long as you do not quarrel.

No, seriously. It is forbidden by law to quarrel in Brown Hart Gardens. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Facing northeast presents a view of the garden's old, English baroque style pavilion in harmony with local architecture.
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On Wednesday afternoons the space is host to a food market, but otherwise it’s tranquil and ideal for outdoor relaxation, especially at this time of year (spring.)

To get there, access via Duke Street and be prepared for a brief flight of steps. You’ll be welcomed by an illuminated deck (visible towards the end of the day) with planters and trees lining the perimeter and centre of the space. Toward the western end you can grab refreshments from The Garden Café (by BENUGO) and have a seat or a bed on one of the outdoor benches. If you’re partial to it, perch on the stone seats of the old pavilion. Take in the attractive design, the greenery, and its charming view of the local architecture. Maybe even people watch. Whatever you do, enjoy this oasis of calm. And remember, no quarrelling! 

Nearest Station: Bond Street
Disabled access: via lift on Balderton/ Lumley Street
Opening hours: 8am - 8pm everyday (10am-8pm on Sundays)

Address: Brown Hart Gardens, Duke Street, London, W1K 6TD

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  1. Will you check out Brown Hart Gardens? Do you know another secret spot of calm in the city? Share your thoughts below!

    Esmé Xo

  2. I love this photo - it captures the area so well. I always try to walk past Brown Hart Gardens when I'm going through Bond Street, the architecture is so beautiful x


    1. Yes, it's such a relaxing spot! :)

      Esmé Xo


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