Le Pain Quotidien Review: Breakfast, vite, vite!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A hurried breakfast doesn’t have to be a hapless breakfast!

Le Pain Quotidian, 64 Tottenham Ct Rd, W1T 2ET  
Nearest Station: Goodge Street  /  Parking: Let's be serious.
Food: 4/5  Service: 4/5  Atmosphere: 4/5  Cost: ££ - Somewhat expensive

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One of the things I love about Le Pain Quotidien is that their offerings are so fresh and simple. When you’re alone and in a hurry you can safely bet on your meal being prepared double-quick, without compromising on quality. So this morning when I arrived on campus, starving and in no way inclined to the sugary pastries offered at by the university café, where to break fast was a no-brainer.

With 30 minutes left until my seminar, I headed to Le Pain Quotidien on the corner of Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road. I took a seat at the communal table, looked my waitress in the eye and put my game-voice on: “Good morning. I only have 20 minutes, let’s do this.” She nodded, smiled, and brought me the menu. I promptly chose the ‘Breakfast Boulanger’ with a pot of coffee and a large glass of fresh orange juice.

My beverages arrived almost immediately. I set the juice aside and started on the pot of coffee. It was a deep, full-bodied dark roast, clean on the nose and crisp on the palate. It was served in a wide bowl, which made for a charming hand-warmer.

'Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook: Delicious recipes from Le Pain Quotidien' By Alain Courront and Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Whilst I waited for my plate to arrive - which was no longer than five minutes - I perused the pages of the house’s book of recipes, perched beckoningly just in front of me.
'Breakfast Boulanger'
And then breakfast was served! Soft scrambled eggs, crispy prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, all topped with chives and served with a small gruyère croissant. It was delicious. Light enough to get through swiftly and yet no less filling, there’s something positive to be said about how good, uncomplicated food lifts the mood too. I finished and reached for my glass. The orange juice was refreshingly tart and set the tone for me to commence my day full of brightness and energy!

Would you try to squeeze in breakfast even when you're in a hurry? Or is a quick coffee your go-to? Comment below!

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  1. Tell me if you've been Le Pain Quotidien before! Comment below with your favourite branch.

    Esmé Xo


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