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Monday, February 29, 2016

It is a well-documented sociological fact that our visual organs are powerful communicators. The masterful poet, Anne Sexton, wrote how “your eyes of full of language” - they in their intrinsic expressiveness tell a story before the lips do. With a little grooming you can decide what your eyes say! If you aren’t sure where to begin or are simply looking for new eye care products, set your sights on my eye skin care routine and be inspired.

I woke up like this and you can too, read on!
Skin Type: Dry-sensitive
Concerns: Hyper-pigmentation/ dark circles, puffiness/ swelling, dryness

Tip #1: For optimal results, commence your eyecare regimen with an eye cream applied at night.
- Why use a separate cream for the eyes? Well, the skin around the eyes is more delicate and much more prone to weathering than elsewhere on the body. It therefore requires a different formulation from your regular creams, one that is concentrated with protective, anti-ageing ingredients. You want to use an eye cream even if, like me, you’ve barely begun your 20s. Your future, gracefully-aged self will thank you.
- Why at night? This is not a strict rule. I’ve simply found that by applying my eye cream at night the product has at least 5-6 hours to perform its magic uncompromised by other treatments, makeup, light, extreme temperatures, and the various environmental factors that assault the skin during the day. If you’re addressing concerns such as hyperpigmentation/ dark circles or dryness, this tip can definitely increase the efficiency of your product.


GOLD ELEMENTS Truffles Infusion Brightening Eye Cream
Infused with truffles, this product has a high amount of Vitamin C which is an absolute powerhouse ingredient when it comes to the eye area (read Tip #5 to see all the splendid ways in which Vitamin C functions.) I love it because it is light enough to glide across the skin like silk, yet it’s formulated to provide the kind of deep-condition hydration my dry skin thirsts for. To address my once severely hyper-pigmented eyes, I used this product on a nightly basis for a month and then only once weekly thereafter. (Some people continue to use their eye creams more regularly, it’s all a matter of paying attention to your skin’s behaviour and requirements.) An added benefit is how luxurious this product looks in its packaging and how it smells, as it is one of the last things I do at night, I definitely go to bed loving myself as much as Kanye loves Kanye. | Shop it here 

For a different budget or other skin concerns, see the table I’ve put together in Tip #5 to guide you as you search for other products!

Tip #2: Forget what you conventionally understand to be the “eye area.”
 - You need to apply the cream to a much larger area than that. Imagine a right-angled triangle from the inner corner of your eye, down to the top of your nostril and over to your hairline. (Think Kardashian highlight technique.) In this way you can cover all of the areas where puffiness and discoloration occur and where wrinkles may develop. Also apply cream to the brow bone and distribute it inwards. N.B: Do not move the cream too close to your upper and lower lash lines as the product may seep into and irritate your eyes.

Tip #3: B*tch, dab!
- Make sure that you do not stretch, pull, or rub the skin as you apply your eye cream. Instead dab lightly with your ring finger to gently press the cream into your skin.

Tip #4: Sleep enough and sleep well. Need I expand? Just do it.

At the time of writing, my stone has been forgotten in Paris, and I have not yet fetched a replacement so find a way to love this stock photo.
Having had a good amount of sleep and already treated my eyes with my eye cream the night before, in the morning my eyes are typically fine and require little or no elaborate procedure. If I do notice any puffiness I run my Volcanic Stone by GRATiAE under cold water for a couple of minutes and then administer a massage to my eye area, the cold temperature soothes the skin and reduces swelling. The stone itself draws out impurities as it is made from lava. After using it I have noticed my skin to appear visibly brighter. I did not purchase this tool specifically for my eyes but it just so happens to work well. I recommend it. | Shop it here


Think tea and eye masks, darling.
Perhaps I’ve been sleep-deprived or I had been quite stressed or unwell, whatever the case my eyes are in dire need of some caffeine and love, so I put the kettle on. Because that stereotype about us - British people - fixing all of our problems with tea is true, also because topical applications of caffeine improve blood circulation which will drain eye bags into oblivion.

Simply brew a cup of caffeinated tea with two teabags, remove the teabags and cool them in the fridge for about 15 minutes. (Whilst waiting do drink the tea, I cannot bear to imagine the sacrilege of a wasted cup. What Philistinism!) Once cooled, squeeze out excess moisture and place one teabag on each eye. Lie down or sit back for 15-30 minutes, et voilà! N.B: Keep a washcloth to hand to mop up any leaking and clean potential stains.

Alternatively and perhaps more neatly, eye masks are incredibly loving to tired eyes. They soothe, hydrate, dramatically reduce inflammation, and provide an instant lift. So far, I have liked the ‘Rose Eye Mask’ by Sephora best. It is a sheet mask i.e. paper that is coated with a serum, which you can leave on after removing the mask. The patches are sizeable which is important for reasons already explained in Tip #2 and they will work best if refrigerated beforehand. The Sephora eye mask is satisfactory but I do feel that there is definitely a more breath-taking eye mask I have not yet tried. Still it may just take your breath - and hopefully dark circles/ bags/ puffiness - away! | Shop it here

That is my eyecare regimen! Do remember that skin types and skin concerns vary. With that in mind, check out the table I’ve created for Tip #5 to tailor your eyecare regimen to your own needs.

Tip #5: Look for the following active ingredients in your eye products*:

* If you have access to one, always consult a dermatologist or aesthetician to find out what is best for your skin.

**Kojic Acid: I do not recommend using products with Kojic Acid if you have sensitive or very sensitive skin as it can irritate or sting the skin and might not always be stabilised. Vitamin C is a safer brightening agent.

I hope you finish reading this blog post feeling informed, inspired, and ready to EXPERIMENT,  Next up, Skincare Series: Lips. Go, go, go!

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