Announcement: the Skincare Series!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ciao belli, Happy New Year to you all! 

Yes, that is indeed a sprightly tone you’re picking up on. I know posts have been quite phrenic recently, so let’s get physical, starting with skin…

Caring for it is serious business, the kind that might require the consultation of a benevolent blogger with a penchant for pampering and far too much time on her hands. What fabulous fortune that I, Esmé, have put together some posts for your edification! I’ll be sharing the products, tools, and tricks that have helped me maintain a glowing, healthy complexion and successfully address concerns from hyperpigmentation to stress-induced eczema.

Throughout the next couple of months, be sure to revisit the Five Es for posts on: Eyes, Lips, Face, and Body. I give you the Skincare Series, because it’s impolite not to share beauty secrets!

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