7 Breakfast Ideas - a week of breaking bad habits!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Have you eaten today? When will you eat?" are two questions that stop me in my tracks and absolutely petrify me. My mother, in her best attempt at a non-judgmental albeit intervening tone, asks these questions out of loving concern but they freak me out because often I don't know the answer and in that moment of interrogation I realise just how bad and self-negligent this is. If the walls of my house had eyes I'm sure that the scene which regularly unfolds in front of them would seem most comical. I just grimace, awkwardly freeze, and internally scream until my mum lets up a little with "ok, can you at least have a light snack?" 

Being kitchen-shy coupled with appetite loss as a result of Chronic Fatigue that I experienced last year means that my eating habits have been bad. Abysmally bad. They were typically something like I-can-go-four-days-sans-remembering-food and would sometimes erratically sway into I-need-5kg-of-deep-fried-chilli squid-delivered-at-15-minutes-past-the-hour-every-hour-I’ll-only-eat-the-first-0.2kg-but-just-do-it. Also, being anaemic doesn’t help. Most of the time I can’t tell the difference between when I’m tired and when I’m just hungry; the easier option to go with is always tired, so I would take a health tonic, nap, or caffeinate.

But as my mother lovingly hounded me one bright morning just over a week ago, saying I was tired wasn’t an option. So I faithfully performed the routine; I grimaced, I froze, I internally screamed. “Ok, can you at least have a light snack?” she beckoned. I slowly got up from my desk and set about brewing myself a cup of coffee.

What was different about this occasion is that I had recently begun practicing mindfulness again. As I set the coffeepot atop the stove and reached for the pastries my little brother had baked that morning, I had the clarity and presence of mind to take over from autopilot and actually think about what I was doing in that moment. I offloaded the feelings of guilt and embarrassment at the fact that I have to be reminded to function. I put aside the aversions I have to preparing and even eating food. I thought of just how fresh and appetising the scent of the croissants was. I thought about the pleasantness of being in the kitchen, not hurriedly skulking through it. I caught a heady whiff of the coffee and thought “God, this is good stuff.” I thought, “This is all ok. It’s quite nice. Maybe I should make a meal of this croissant and you know…properly break fast.” So I did. With halloumi, prosciutto, and pesto! It was admittedly rich, so that might have added to the feel-good vibes. 

Just add halloumi, prosciutto, and pesto!

But honestly, taking breakfast as part of a normal morning routine at home was incredibly nice. I have been trying to fix my bad eating habits for a long while and I have been making small progresses with other things but there seemed to be no development on the breakfast front. I felt positive and decided to try to keep it up.

I’m earnestly surprised that I have had breakfast for nine out of the ten days that have passed so far. It’s just one small change. I shan’t pretend I have seen countless benefits that I can suddenly attribute to eating breakfast; there have been a few. At the very least, I am pleased that I am revising my attitudes to food and that I do feel a dose of positive energy. I’m hoping to keep this change up, so if you’re a fellow chronic breakfast-skipper (who really does need breakfast) like I have been, join me in changing that for a plethora of reasons.

Below are some more of the fuss-free breakfast ideas I tried in this ten-day period and the past. Enjoy, and share yours too!

Ingredients: Brown bread toasted, one egg,
 milk (to make the eggs tender), half an avocado,
goats cheese, black pepper to taste.

Scrambled egg, avocado, and goats cheese toast. 
So velvety and yet so good!

Simply, nutty granola, for slow days.

Oats topped with grapes, blueberries, 
strawberries, bananas, and hazelnut.

Feta, pomegranate, and avocado toast. Delightful!
Natural Greek Yoghurt, honey, strawberries,
 banana, hazelnut, and cinnamon. 

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  1. All previous comments were automatically deleted as I have now disabled Google+ to make engagement easier as asked. 15/09/2015

  2. Scrambled egg and avocado is one of my favourites! I haven't tried pomegranate though - great post Esme.

    Freya x


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